Epic Warehouse Warning Signs

Recently, I asked my friend in the design department to put together new warning signs for the doors leading into the warehouse. I was surprised the next day to find the following on my desk for approval:
Warehouse Zombies
After a good laugh, I went and talked to my friend.

“Stace, this is fantastic, but not quite what I’m looking for. We really want to warn people about the forklifts…not zombies.

“You’re not worried about the zombies? Okay, how about this?”
Scary Forklift Warning
“We’re on the right track, but it seems like this one suggests: ‘As long as you can outrun your coworkers, you’ll be safe.’ That doesn’t really promote team unity, does it?”

“If you’re worried about team unity, let’s just get rid of the team! Here you go.”
Scary Forklift Version 2
“Removing the running crowd certainly helps, but it might be a red flag for OSHA if they drop by.”

“That’s fine, if you want to suck the fun out of safety. How’s this?”
Forklift Final
“Perfect! I appreciate your creative approach to this task, though I’ll probably never give you keys to the forklift. However, you did inspire me to put together my own sign.”
Forklift Cowboy
Special thanks to Stace Hasegawa for the wonderful signs and Audrey Fuller for editing help.

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