Supply Chain Resources

This is a selection of resources that may be helpful to small businesses. If you’d like to see something added to the list, please contact us and request that the item be added.

Example Bill of Lading Example Bill of Lading
This is an example bill of lading that you can fill out in Microsoft Word. To avoid problems with freight disputes, fill in all the information on this sheet including case count, pallet count, detailed descriptions of every item, and a seal number for the trailer. Then if problems arise, you’ll have all your information ready to dispute discrepancies.
Example Pallet Label – 2 Per Page Example Pallet Label - 2 Per Page
This is an example label to put on the outside of a shrink-wrapped pallet. This one has two per page printed horizontally. Works well with horizontal, half-page labels.
Example Pallet Label – 1 Per Page Example Pallet Label - 1 Per Page
Same as above, except this label is for an entire 8.5 x 11 inch page.
Example Count Sheet Example Count Sheet
This is a example count sheet that I use during physical inventory counts. It’s a PowerPoint slide. For additional tips on physical inventory, visit our article 10 Tips to Make Physical Inventory Counts Less Painful and More Accurate.
Excel Punch Clock
This basic Excel punch clock does exactly what you would expect – it tracks the time of various users in one easy-to-access file. The user setup and interface is easy enough that most people will not need any help in using it. The punch clock has enough security that the casual user cannot change any settings or times, but it is very easy to edit and change if you know some VBA. This Excel punch clock is a step up from a pencil and paper system, but if security is a high concern, I would recommend something more secure than this free download.

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    3 thoughts on “Supply Chain Resources

    1. Steve stelter

      Greetings, I am really enjoying your podcast. Being fairly new to the supply chain industry I am looking at different types of training. The are a few big industry councils that offer training, as well as colleges. Could you possibly do a podcast or web article about the pros and cons of the different types of education and how they are viewed within the industry?

        1. Steve stelter

          Thanks for asking! I am most interested in what types of education a hiring manager would value more. ISM and other counsils have good programs, but are pretty pricey. Colleges have programs but I don’t know if I can handle a full degree program. Certificates are available at many colleges, thinking of going that route.

          I have been overseeing receiving and warehouse operations for several years, and now my boss has given me the logistics side of the bussiness as well. I find supply chain topics very interesting and think this is my future career, but need some formal education to beef up my resume. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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